Exclusivity, savings and corporate social responsibility.

The hotel sector is relentlessly striving to set new standards. With Valiryo, you have an exclusive and highly appealing accessory that brings significant financial and environmental savings in addition to an enhanced customer experience.


Surprise your guests with Valiryo body dryer.

Valiryo is a brand new drying experience that prolongs the feeling of well-being after showering by an air massage, that can be adjusted in intensity and temperature. A panel equipped with 27 air outlets, which is installed in the shower, ensures homogeneous drying. Your guests leaves the shower cabin dry and relaxed.

Relaxting for your guests

Increase comfort for your guests

Valiryo offers your guests an innovative drying experience that relaxes muscles, hydrates skin and helps reduce stress. Ideal for any guestroom, as well as for SPA or pool areas.

nice and bright bathroom


Valiryo is an innovative device that attracts attention and can be promoted as a clear differentiator in relation to your competitors.

something special for your guests

Increased safety & cleanliness

Guests leave the shower area dry, the water "remains" in the wet area, safety is increased and the risk for slipping is significantly reduced.


Energy-conscious and environmentally friendly working hotel/Holiday Home
Commitment to the environment is increasingly becoming a differentiating and decisive element for many customers when choosing where to stay. With Valiryo you can advertise to reduce both CO2 and water consumption and avoid or reduce the release of cleaning products and other chemicals.

Savings in laundry costs
By using the body dryer, the use of towels can be significantly reduced, as the guest does not have to use them to dry their body. This saves time (staff) and money (laundry costs). In this respect, the investment in Valiryo will quickly pay for itself.

Rooms for people with reduced mobility
Inspire and offer this comfort to guests who cannot easily dry themselves independently due to mobility restrictions. Valiryo enables independent and safe drying.