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If you have any problems with your device, please fill out the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If there is visible damage, please take a photo of it and send us the pictures by e-mail to:!

Support form

Wo finde ich diese Nummer?

1. Was the packaging of the Valiryo damaged in any way upon arrival?

2. Have you noticed any external damage to the Valiryo Body Dryer?

3. Has the connection to the power circuit been made properly?

4. Has the connection between the motor unit and the air panel been made properly?

5. Are you using the Valiryo Body Dryer for the first time?

6. Does the motion sensor work/respond?

7. Are one or more LEDs of the control panel not working?

8. Do any of the soft keys not work/respond?

9. Are the "air speed" LEDs flashing?

10. Is air effusing through the diffusers?

11. Is warm air coming out?

12. Have you noticed any unusual noises or vibration?

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