Valiryo as an aid - touchless drying Butterfly Skin

At Valiryo we have always sought to ensure that our product can make life easier for people with limited mobility, who suffer from a disability or who have a rare disease. Butterfly skin is a very rare skin disease, but it causes many problems for those who suffer from it. Also called Epidermolysis bullosa or EB, it is characterised by being a genetic and incurable disease, where the person suffers from an extreme fragility of the skin as if it were made of the same material as the wings of a butterfly. For sufferers, the simple act of eating, walking or other everyday actions can be painful. In addition, people with this disease have a shortage of proteins that act as glue for the skin and prevent any scratches from causing wounds. This causes the skin to sag excessively. When it comes to diagnosing it, it must be taken into account that each case is different and it is also necessary to analyse which proteins work correctly and which do not. This way we can know the level of severity. For these people, Valiryo Body Dryer can be very beneficial, because thanks to it they can avoid the friction of the towel. Such a simple process, which for a large percentage of the population we see as something everyday and simple, for someone who suffers from this skin disease can become a very uncomfortable process. In fact, taking into account the symptoms described in previous paragraphs, the simple rubbing of the towel can cause wounds on the skin. In addition, the use of Valiryo also helps to maintain good skin hygiene, as poorly maintained towels can expose us to a large number of fungi and bacteria. In addition, those affected by butterfly skin can also suffer from internal wounds affecting:

  • Eye tissues
  • Mucous membranes
  • Mouth
  • Digestive tract

Because of their fragility, these people cannot eat just anything, as any scratch can cause wounds on the skin and non-visible parts of the body. Therefore, they must eat a diet of soft, pureed and nutritional food. Apart from these problems, they also suffer a lot of pain and may have additional illnesses such as anaemia, syndactyly, difficulty swallowing, malnutrition, osteoporosis or muscular dystrophy. At Valiryo we encourage you to learn more about rare diseases that can hinder the most basic aspects of a person's life. In fact, we collaborate with the association Devra to learn more about this disease. We also try to understand the difficulties faced by people suffering from rare diseases or different disabilities. We encourage you to try the beneficial experience with Valiryo Body Dryer. If you would like to receive more information please write to

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