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Muss noch ubersetzt werden Valiryo als Helfer - Alltag selbstständig erledigen

Improve living environment 

From a certain age, we start to think about measures to improve our living conditions. These include possible adaptations with regard to greater accessibility and/or adaptations that enable us to carry out our everyday lives independently for as long as possible.

More and more people are therefore also deciding to adapt their bathroom with a view to the future and the problems that can arise with increasing age. In most cases, existing bathrooms are completely remodelled and renovated. These renovations often include the replacement of bathtubs with barrier-free shower cubicles, ideally with easier access for wheelchair use (depending on the size of the bathroom), or the installation of grab rails to minimise the risk of slipping and falling.

Reduce the risk of falling and slipping

However, the drying process is rarely taken into consideration during planning. However, this process is also very important and harbours the greatest risk of suffering an accident due to slipping. It is not always easy, or comfortable in the case of skin conditions, to dry yourself with a towel. In addition, good balance and manoeuvrability are required to reach all areas of the body equally.

We at Valiryo offer you a solution: with the Valiryo full-body dryer, daily body hygiene is not only safer, but you will also experience a completely different and extremely pleasant body drying experience.

A large percentage of domestic accidents occur in the bathroom due to slips/falls.

Coming out of the shower already dry reduces the risk of falling. With our body dryer, you dry yourself evenly in the shower thanks to the air flow emitted by the air panel.

We therefore believe that Valiryo can be a very useful product due to its properties. As we have already described in previous articles, our body dryer offers you maximum comfort and greater safety in the bathroom.

Gentle drying of the entire body

Especially for people with skin conditions, air drying can be much gentler on the skin than rubbing it with a towel. With air drying, the upper layers of the skin are not "damaged" and the skin can therefore retain moisture better.

When we think of older people, we usually talk first about mobility problems or other physical ailments. What happens to our skin as we age? With increasing age, the outer skin layer (epidermis) loses thickness, the number of pigment-containing cells (melanocytes) decreases, changes in the connective tissue reduce the firmness and elasticity of the skin and the blood vessels in the dermis become more fragile. This leads to bruising, bleeding under the skin, capillary haemangiomas and similar conditions. In addition, the sebaceous glands produce less oil with increasing age, which can lead to dryness and itching. The Valiryo Body Dryer is very beneficial when it comes to maintaining healthy skin.

That's why we would be delighted if you were thinking about refurbishing your bathroom with an innovative product like our Valiryo body dryer, which will increase the safety and comfort of your bathroom.


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