Safe and autonomous drying in nursing homes with Valiryo

Usually, when we think about the need to facilitate the daily hygiene routine of people who are in need of care or have some kind of reduced mobility, we think about the shower. We consider how to make this activity as comfortable and safe as possible. However, we never give the same importance to drying, despite the fact that it is during this task that most falls occur, because the use of the towel forces us to perform unnatural movements and balances on a wet surface.

Valiryo has identified this need and has created an air body drying column that can be installed in the shower itself, facilitating drying by simply standing in front of it without any effort.

A safe drying area for nursing homes

Therefore, Valiryo has a special utility in nursing homes or any other type of care center for the elderly, where it enables the creation of a specific area dedicated to drying so that users can perform their daily cleaning without having to move, supported if necessary by the same safety elements: chairs, handrails, etc.

Valiryo can be installed in individual rooms to give the resident greater autonomy in this daily routine, avoiding the need for assistance and reducing the risk of falls and their consequences for the person and the institution. In addition, it is possible to reduce the use of towels and their consequent washing and maintenance, which, in addition to the environmental benefit, is an important economic saving that is also achieved by all the benefits body air drying offers.

The importance of complete body drying

It is often neglected due to the difficulty and inconvenience of the drying process, despite the importance of a complete drying process for the health of our skin and general well-being. First of all, it is important to remove all the humidity from the skin since, otherwise, it can lead to dermatological diseases and fungal infections with greater repercussions in older people.

Moreover, the use of Valiryo avoids the use of towels and therefore their friction on our skin (in addition to the exposure to possible bacteria they may contain). This is very important for people with atopic skin and especially for diabetics or people with venous or arterial insufficiencywho as a result constantly suffer from skin ulcers that are very painful.


Valiryo also improves skin hydration because the air-drying method allows the skin to absorb the moisture it needs and reject the rest. As we age, the skin loses its oiliness and becomes thinner, making it more sensitive and unable to protect itself from external agents, so hydration becomes essential, especially when people's mobility is reduced.

Other benefits of body air drying

It is obvious that healthy skin significantly improves the quality of life of our seniors. In addition, air drying also contributes to our general well-being. This is because the heat emitted by Valiryo increases the blood flow to your muscles, allowing more oxygen to reach them. This relaxes them and makes them feel more comfortable.

Besides making drying easier and safer for everyone, Valiryo wanted to focus on the drying process to give meaning to this moment, so that it is not just a routine or an unpleasant task but has a value in itself,  a moment of relaxation for you that helps you to cope with the stress of everyday life. 

If you want to count on all the benefits that Valiryo can offer to your residents to achieve a more hygienic, relaxing, and safe drying, contact us by filling out this form and we will contact you to provide you with all the information.

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