Enhancing autonomy and safety at FAEMA Mental Health

In an ongoing commitment to prioritize the well-being and independence of individuals in supervised housing, FAEMA Mental Health sought innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by residents during their daily routines. Among these challenges was the task of drying off after showering, which posed safety concerns and hindered autonomy for many residents. This collaboration aimed to transform the drying experience, ensuring not only safety but also comfort and empowerment for residents.


FAEMA Mental Health, an association dedicated to the well-being and autonomy of its residents in supervised housing, faced a recurring challenge: safety and autonomy during the drying process after showering. Many residents, due to their health condition, experienced difficulties using traditional towels, raising concerns about safety and quality of life in these environments.


In response to this concern, FAEMA reached out to Valiryo Technologies in search of an effective and safe solution. The installation of Valiryo body dryer was presented as the ideal solution to address these challenges. Valiryo not only offers efficient drying but also minimizes the risk of falls and injuries by eliminating the need for unnatural movements associated with towel use. Additionally, its innovative design and ease of use make it an accessible option for all residents, regardless of their mobility or physical abilities.


The implementation of Valiryo in FAEMA's supervised housing has yielded positive and tangible results. Residents now experience a greater sense of safety and autonomy during the drying process, contributing to their overall well-being. Additionally:

  • Residents are satisfied and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable shower experience.
  • A significant reduction in the risk of falls and injuries during the drying process has been observed.
  • Bathroom space has been optimized, reducing towel usage and promoting more sustainable practices.
  • An increase in personal care participation has been observed, as some residents who previously avoided showering now do so to enjoy the drying process with Valiryo.
  • Residents feel more relaxed and enjoy greater comfort, without the need for exertion during drying

  •  Future of Our Collaboration: We are currently in the process of expanding our collaboration with FAEMA Mental Health to implement more units of Valiryo in all their supervised housing. Our goal is to ensure that all residents can benefit from this innovative solution, thus reclaiming their privacy and autonomy in the drying process after showering.

    At Valiryo Technologies, we are committed to continuing to work closely with organizations like FAEMA to improve the quality of life for people with special needs, offering practical and innovative solutions that promote safety, comfort, and autonomy.

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