Is it safe to install Valiryo body dryer in my shower?

Our body dryer has been designed to be installed inside the shower. And that is where we recommend its installation if possible. It is, undoubtedly, the best place to enjoy the drying experience with Valiryo to to the maximum, as it allows the washing and drying experience to share the same space and atmosphere. Of course, Valiryo can be installed outside the shower in another place in the bathroomand also in other areas depending on the use: swimming pools, gyms, spas, and spray tanning centers...

The next most logical question is: how am I going to install an electrical appliance in my shower? We are not used to this kind of situation. However, there is no problem mixing water and electricity as long as the electrical appliance is properly protected for use in wet areas. In this way, we can see, for example, the outdoor streetlights installed without any problem.

Protection Index (IP) - what is it?


And this comes as a result of the protection indexknown by its acronym IP, which is an international standard (IEC 60529) that classifies the levels of protection of the enclosure material of electrical equipment. In short, this certification is a way of indicating the level of safety of different products in environments where they are exposed to water and the entry of external elements

Valiryo has an IP56 certification (the highest on the market for a body dryer) demonstrating that it is a product with high protection against external elements such as dust and can receive pressurized jets of water that do not enter and affect its electronics. Therefore, its use in the wet area of the bathroom is completely safe. 

This certification has been granted by an independent laboratory that tests the product to guarantee its maximum safety. During these tests, our body dryer was exposed to the direct impact of a large flow of water for a long period of time to ensure that no humidity could seep into the interior of the product.

What does each of the IP digits mean?


The IP certificate is composed of two digits, each indicating the resistance to different elements. The first number represents the level of safety against the entrance of external objects. The second number marks the level of exposure to water and the degree of resistance of the product.

The meaning of the IP figures

The first number ranges from 1 to 6, where the highest number indicates that the product is completely isolated from the ingress and accumulation of external objects (e.g. dust). Valiryo's 5 means that the entry of dust is not completely avoided (it is possible for solid objects with a diameter of less than 1 mm to penetrate), but not in sufficient quantity to affect the satisfactory running of the equipment.

The second figure can be measured on a scale of 1 to 8. The highest numbers (7 and 8) are used for products that are going to be submerged in water. In other words, Valiryo has the maximum figure - a 6 - that it can reach, since under no circumstances does it make sense for a body air dryer to be immersed in water. This number means that under the effects of strong jets of water, water should not penetrate the equipment's casing in harmful quantities.

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