Enjoy a new experience of body drying inside your shower

Valiryo has created the first body dryer on the market for in-shower use, with the aim of focusing on the importance of drying and making it a unique experience that prolongs the feeling of well-being in the shower. In addition, body drying with Valiryo is easier for everyone, hygienic, and respectful to your skin. Join Valiryo!

We identify the moment of showering (or even bathing) as that moment of relaxation that represents a break in our day, a moment to dedicate to ourselves and with which we feel renewed or ready to start our routine. That is why we include a wide variety of elements (lights to create a relaxing atmosphere, rain-effect showers, and thermoregulated taps...) to achieve the best possible experience. However, then comes the drying process, and we continue to use the towel, despite all the inconveniences it causes, ruining the sense of well-being we have achieved because it is uncomfortable and requires effort.

Valiryo is a body drying column that can be installed inside the shower and allows you to dry yourself without any effort, enjoying a warm breeze of air that dries you effectively while you enjoy a moment of relaxation. It also allows you to exit the shower completely dry, increasing both the cleanliness and safety of your bathroom.

Valiryo gives meaning to body drying 

Valiryo focuses on body drying to prevent it from being just a routine or an unpleasant task. In fact, it has a real value in itself, giving continuity to the feeling of well-being in the shower, increasing comfort, and turning it into our temple of well-being. In addition, Valiryo eliminates that uncomfortable post-workout sweat that appears after the shower when we have done intense physical exercise.

With Valiryo, all you have to do is stand in front of the column and enjoy an air massage that, thanks to its heat, oxygenates your muscles, stretching them and making you feel more active and relaxed at the same time.  Therefore, you don't have to make any efforts to reach a complete drying, which is essential for the health of our skin and which is often neglected. 


Extends the moment of relaxation from showering to drying with Valiryo 

The benefits of Valiryo Body Dryer

Besides offering a new experience, air drying is easier, more hygienic, relaxing, and eco-friendly. For this reason, Valiryo will become an essential element in every bathroom, as its drying method is beneficial to our skin and makes it accessible to every person regardless of their initial condition and possible mobility problems.

  • Complete drying that keeps your skin healthy and moisturized

Your skin is most sensitive when it gets wet in the shower. For this reason, experts advise us to dry it with light touches, avoiding the friction of the towel, which causes the layers of the epidermis to be pulled away. Valiryo air, on the other hand, guarantees a more natural, complete, and hygienic drying, since your skin does not have contact with any external elements such as the towel, which, if not properly sanitized, may contain bacteria and other microbes.

In addition, the body dryer draws the humid air left in the bathroom on your body after showering, and allows this humidity to penetrate your skin, leaving it softer and more hydrated. For all these reasons, Valiryo is an essential element for people with atopic skin or with other skin conditions  

  • Easier and safer drying for everyone

Whether due to age or mobility problems, it is not easy for everyone to dry themselves with a towel as it requires difficult balancing and aggressive movements to reach the most inaccessible areas. Valiryo enables these people to continue drying themselves independently, as they only have to stand in front of the column. This means you can create a customized drying area, with handholds, chairs, or non-slip strips inside the shower.  

Valiryo also increases the safety of the bathroomsince most falls occur during the drying process.

  • Drying committed to the environment 

As we have seen, the towel is not the most efficient and recommendable way to dry ourselves. What's more,  their proper washing and maintenance require the use of natural resources. This makes them environmentally unsustainable. Every time a person decides to dry themselves with a body dryer, 78 liters of water are saved and no longer contaminated with soaps and detergents. Similarly, we estimate that our body dryer consumes 0.02770 kWh compared to the 1.34159 kWh used to sanitize properly a towel. Thus, we estimate that with each use of Valiryo, we stop emitting around 0.55 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Discover all the benefits of Valiryo Body Dryer

An essential element in your bathroom 

For all these reasons, Valiryo Body Dryer is one of the elements you should consider including in your bathroom, either because you need it or because you simply want to enjoy a new drying experience with multiple benefits for your daily life. It is very easy to install and you do not need to make any type of renovation to start enjoying all its advantages.

If you have any questions about our body dryer, you want to receive more information or you are interested in commercializing our product, you can contact us through this form

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