Discover how Valiryo helps you to reduce damp in your bathroom

I'm sure that you too, when you take a shower, experience that the bathroom fills with a mist of humidity and that the mirror fogs up completely. This is because most of us like to create precisely that atmosphere of warmth. But this is certainly uncomfortable and, in addition to the fact that we then have to clean or dry the surfaces, it is damaging to all the elements in our bathroom that have to withstand continuous dampness

The latter is something that worries above all hotels and other types of businesses (spas, gyms, residences...) that have to allocate a significant amount of money and resources to the cleaning, maintenance and replacement of those elements that are quickly deteriorated due to humidity. And, finally, as users of these types of facilities, we want everything to be clean and in good condition, without damp stains or damaged furniture.

How Valiryo helps to reduce relative humidity 

Relative humidity is the division of the actual amount of water in the room divided by the maximum amount of water it can hold. And that is why, when we turn on the shower, that excess amount of water condenses, turning our bathroom into a sauna. Something we care less about causing if it is not our bathroom that we are using. 

How can we prevent this from happening? Although there are many tricks with dubious results, the most logical and scientific way to avoid this is to open the door and let the water with high relative humidity escape to the rest of the house and the dry air in the house replaces the air in the bathroom. And this is usually what we do; but always once we are already dry and warm. Because the reality is that, in general, we don't want to be cold in the shower. 

Well, Valiryo fulfils the same function as opening the door, but with one big difference: we don't get cold. Our body dryer takes the air at a height of 2 metres and blows it to all heights in the bathroom through its 27 diffusers, sweeping and forcing the air to circulate. In this way, the temperature increase in the bath is very fast and homogeneous, thus increasing the maximum amount of water that the environment can support.

Valiryo, the solution to condensation in the bathroom

Valiryo, therefore, achieves this renewal by collecting humid air and replacing it with dry air, thus avoiding condensation and consequently reducing the ageing and corrosion of the various elements (deterioration of paints, rusting of metal parts, etc.) that make up a bathroom or changing room. It also reduces the number of cleaning hours dedicated to removing damp from the bathroom and prevents the proliferation of bacteria that can occur due to damp. 

This is why Valiryo is a very interesting element for many hotels and businesses that, in addition to the cost reduction of eliminating towels from their facilities, see in our body dryer a solution to reduce all the damage that condensation can cause in bathrooms.


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