VALIRYO GmbH manufacturer's warranty for Valiryo body dryers

General warranty and warranty period information

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase when you buy a new device from the retailer. The warranty covers all types of material damage and manufacturing defects that can arise as a result of the normal, proper and intended use of your product, and is valid for 24 months.

Your rights as a consumer according to applicable national legislation, i.e. the rights of the consumer derived from the purchase agreement vis-à-vis the vendor, shall not be affected by this warranty. This warranty also applies to the applicable warranty and liability provisions in accordance with the general terms and conditions, and does not restrict your rights as a consumer vis-à-vis the vendor, or other statutory rights or mandatory rights according to those listed in the general terms and conditions under national or European law.

Warranty terms

Please keep your original receipt or invoice in a safe place. These documents serve as a necessary proof of purchase for your product. If this proof cannot be produced, the warrantor (VALIRYO) reserves the right to deny a warranty repair or approval. If a material or functional defect arises in the product within two years of the date of purchase, the product will be accordingly repaired or replaced by VALIRYO, provided that the defective device and the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) are provided within the two-year period and that the warrantor (VALIRYO) is provided with a description of the defect (defect and time of occurrence) that is as detailed as possible along with the product.

Note: A detailed description of the defect allows VALIRYO to conduct targeted troubleshooting, which will then make it easier to quickly process the case.

If, despite telephone or e-mail support, a return to us proves to be necessary, you, as a user of our service portal or our service hotline, will receive a free return parcel label for submission of the product. In case of a return, please ensure a transport-safe packaging, for example by using the original packaging. Transport damage due to improper packaging will not be covered by the warranty. In such case, you will receive a quote.

Any damage or defects present at the time of purchase must be immediately reported after unpacking the product. Repairs carried out after expiry of the warranty period are subject to charge.

Warranty scope

Our products are manufactured with due care to strictly defined quality standards and closely inspected prior to shipment. The warranty service covers all types of material damage and manufacturing defects that can arise in products as a result of the normal, proper and intended use.

Proper and intended product use primarily entails full and strict compliance with all of the instructions provided in the operating instructions. Refrain from any actions or uses that are warned or advised against in the operating instructions.

If it is determined during the repair that the defect is not covered by the warranty, the warrantor (VALIRYO) reserves the right to bill the customer a handling fee for arising expenses as well as to bill the customer for repair materials and work in accordance with a cost estimate.

Note: The cost estimate is produced following an initial inspection of the device and created on the basis of the work done on your behalf. Because of this, it can only serve as a guideline. The actual costs of repair may exceed the costs listed in the cost estimate.

If this is the case, you will be informed in advance. The decision as to whether you will accept or decline this procedure rests with you.

The guarantee and warranty claim will be considered void in the following cases:

  •  If the product has been damaged by external influences such as accidents, force majeure or causes outside of the warrantor’s (VALIRYO) control, such as a lightning strike, water, fire or insufficient ventilation
  • Accidental damage, abuse, unintended and/or improper use and handling (such as the application of any kinds of liquids and/or chemicals)
  • Damage caused by loss during product shipping
  • If the product defect has been caused by improper maintenance or repairs that were conducted by someone other than the warrantor (VALIRYO) or a service partner authorized by the warrantor (VALIRYO)
  • If the seal or label has been broken or obviously manipulated
  • If the product’s model number, serial number has been altered or made illegible


Exclusion of liability

The warranty service excludes financial losses, downtimes, loss of revenue and similar and by no means covers rental devices, travel expenses or similar. The warranty service is limited to the acquisition value or fair value of the product.

We would like to note that false statements (incorrect date of purchase or inaccurate descriptions of defects such as in the case of defects caused by personal negligence) may lead to subsequent costs (repair costs, return transport costs, scrap costs etc.).


Please have your receipt or invoice as well as your product serial number and model name ready for all enquiries.

The manufacturer shall reserve the right to constantly further develop the product. These changes may be made without any direct reference to them in the operating instructions. As a result, the information contained in the operating instructions does not need to reflect the current technical design.