Where we recommend installing Valiryo

As we have already seen in previous posts, installing Valiryo is as simple as hanging a mirror with some kind of light. But now you are probably wondering where is the best place to install Valiryo in your bathroom. Of course, Valiryo can also be installed in public facilities such as gyms, spas, etc. although in this article we will focus on those who want to enjoy Valiryo in the privacy of their own home. From Valiryo, we recommend that the body dryer be installed directly inside the shower. As we explained in this post, Valiryo has an IP56 certification which accredits it as totally safe to be installed in water environments, being even able to receive the direct impact of water as it has been tested receiving the direct impact of high flow hoses. Installation inside the shower is recommended as it improves the user experience and allows you to get out of the shower tray completely dry, avoiding the use of towels and soaking the whole bathroom (also reducing the risk of possible falls due to slipping). To install it inside the shower, it is necessary to pull a cable to that area, a simple task that any electrician can do quickly and without the high cost. If you are in the process of renovating the bathroom, you can ask for the cable to be removed and then make the Valiryo connection. As for the position of the dryer in the shower tray, our ideal bathroom model would
be the one you can see in the image
(although depending on the space we have, it can be
installed in other different locations):

In this way, as can be seen in both images, we turn our shower tray into a tunnel with a
washing and drying station
, without both channels coinciding. Therefore, the ideal location
for Valiryo would be perpendicular to the shower tap; although, as we have already said,
nothing happens if it is placed opposite (as Valiryo can receive the direct impact of the
water on its surface).

Valiryo is designed as an extra-flat column that barely protrudes 4 cm from the wall in the part of the
column that contains the diffusers; so it can easily be adapted to any bathroom space so you can install
it without any problem. Similarly, if there is no possibility of including Valiryo inside the shower tray,
it can be installed outside
. In this case, moreover, as it is installed outside the wet area of the bathroom,
it can be plugged directly into the mains, as you would do with any other electrical appliance*. We
encourage you to try the Valiryo body dryer
and to discover a new, totally effective and relaxing
drying experience. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at
info@valiryo.de *This option is only available in European Union countries and the UK.
In the rest of the countries, the connection must be made to the electrical installation
of the house.

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