Electricity connection

As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, installing Valiryo in the bathroom is as simple as hanging a mirror with some kind of light that makes it necessary to connect it to the mains. The only difference is that we recommend installing Valiryo inside the shower space and this makes it necessary to run the cable to the point where we are going to install Valiryo. We do not usually have this installation in any house as, for the moment, it is not common to install electric dryers after the shower. This is something that will surely change in the future, but for the moment we need to carry out this preliminary step. A task that is not complex, but we recommend that it is carried out by qualified professionals in accordance with the legislation of each country. As you already know, Valiryo is IP56 certified, which makes it totally safe for installation in wet areas. In any case, Valiryo can also be installed outside the shower space, as many times, due to space or because we want to use it in combination with a bathtub, it is preferred to install it in another space of the bathroom. In this case, if you have a 220V installation in your home (which is common in Europe and many other parts of the world) you can simply connect it to the wall as you would do with any other electrical appliance.
If you live in North America - where domestic installations are usually 110V - it is
necessary to connect it to 220V, which is very simple as you can see in this document,
as the installations in houses are usually prepared for 220V connections.

The connection to the Valiryo electrical network

As we have already mentioned, to install Valiryo it is necessary to run an electrical
cable to the Valiryo housing - where the motor is located and where the connection
is made - at the top of the dryer. The most common way is to run the cable through
the false ceiling that is found in many bathrooms or, if you are renovating, you can
ask your electrician to run the cable through the wall to the point where you have
decided to install Valiryo. The reality is that whether you are renovating or not, we
will always find an electrical point close to where we can make the connection.
This is something that your trusted electrician will be able to achieve easily without
the need for any type of renovation. Valiryo is usually shipped adapted to the legislation
and situation of the electrical network in your country. And regardless of whether it
arrives at you with one type of plug or another - depending on your country - it is
always shipped with two metres of cable so that you can easily run it to the point
where you need to make the connection. That's why one of the first steps to do is
to cut the plug and strip the wires and then run them to the electrical register where
we connect them to your domestic installation. In the following installation video,
you can see what this process is like, although it is something we recommend a
qualified professional to do. If you want more information about the Valiryo
connection process or how to do it in your country you can write to us at
info@valiryo.de and our technicians will solve all your doubts.

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