Feel the breeze

Valiryo is a body dryer that offers you a new drying experience. The aim of this product is to offer an alternative to towel drying. A more hygienic, relaxing and respectful way of drying your skin. It is also a much more environmentally friendly way of drying. Lately, we have been talking a lot about the benefits that Valiryo has for people with reduced mobility or with different skin diseases. But the Valiryo Body Dryer also helps you to take care of the planet. March 20th was the beginning of spring. The beginning of a new season brings more light and colour to our surroundings. That's why we think it's important to remember the ecological benefits of air drying.

After having carried out several studies with different scenarios, the results show that saving towels
means less water consumption and energy savings
across the board. Of course, this will depend
on how much you spend on towels in your daily life or in your facilities, in the case of gyms, hotels or
spas. By reducing the use of towels you are emitting much less pollution to the environment.
Although Valiryo requires electricity to operate, it can be generated from renewable sources. In
addition, Valiryo has been designed to be highly efficient and we are still working on improvements
to make Valiryo an effective and efficient product. In the case of large facilities, such as hotels or spas,
the benefits of the body dryer are multiplied. The reduction in the use of towels means big savings in
laundry costs, as hotels change towels on a daily basis. In fact, several locations are already asking
guests to reuse towels.

Laundry services are not only harmful because of the amount of energy required. Also, when
the towel 
is washed, many chemicals are dumped into the environment. We encourage
you to change your lifestyle with the arrival of spring. Take advantage of the good weather to
do more physical activities outdoors and take care of your diet. Don't forget that the health of
your skin is also important. Trust in the Valiryo Body Dryer and its relaxing breeze to start
spring in a more pleasant way. Valiryo takes care of you and your planet. If you are interested
in what we do you can follow us on our social networks or write to info@valiryo.de for more

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