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REHACARE 2022 Düsseldorf

REHACARE 2022 Düsseldorf - Come and test the Valiryo body dryer
Your skin also needs a good holiday this summer: Valiryo helps to care for it.

Live is more comfortable with Valiryo

Valiryo Body Dryer: Making life easier and more comfortable

Reduce your water consumption

Thanks to Valiryo Body Dryer you can reduce your water consumption and the waste you generate.

Wet towel in your sports bag!

Say goodbye to the wet towel in your sports bag!

Parkinson's disease

Valiryo Body Dryer gives greater indepence to people with Parkinson's disease

Mai Markt 2022

Mai Markt 2022 - Kommen und testen Sie den Valiryo-Körpertrockner

Feel the breeze

Starting spring with the pleasant breeze of Valiryo

Technical Characteristics


How to use Valiryo in the best way

A good use of Valiryo Body Dryer will improve the drying result.

What is butterfly skin?

What is butterfly skin and how can using the Valiryo Body Dryer help people who suffer from it?

Treat your body right


Adapt your bathroom

Valiryo Body Dryer : A new element to adapt your bathroom to your needs

Valiryo and Les Roches

Valiryo and Les Roches join forces to change the hotel experience

Stop post-workout sweating

How to stop post-workout sweating?

Electricity connection

How to connect Valiryo

Increase safety with Valiryo

Increase safety in the shower with Valiryo

The best place to install Valiryo

Where we recommend installing Valiryo


Save money using Valiryo

What is IP56 certification?

What does IP56 certified or IP56 protection class mean?
The benefits of Valiryo for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

reduce CO2-Emissions

Take care of the planet with Valiryo CO2-Emissions

Just Fit - German GYM-chain & Valiryo

Valiryo on its way to conquer the fitness scene: Just Fit installs 30 body dryers
What is Valiryo's Body Dryer antibacterial treatment and how does it work?

Valiryo office in Asia

Valiryo arrives in Asia: We invite you to discover our new headquarters in Taiwan!
Valiryo is partnering with GGT

The after shower experience!

Making the most out of your after-shower experience: Simple usage tips for Valiryo

Installation of Valiryo

How to Easily Install Valiryo in Any Bathroom

For people with limted mobility

Valiryo Body Dryer: The ideal drying solution for people with mobility or balance issues


Valiryo partnering with Fraunhofer-inHaus-Zentrum
Valiryo – the body dryer that contributes to a healthier environment

After-shower wellness experience

Valiryo - The after shower experience and wellness

World innovation

World novelty at FIBO 2019: The Valiryo® Body Dryer for relaxed, hygienic and ecological drying of the whole body - without a towel.