Antibacterial treatment

You might have come across one of our advertisements where we mention an antibacterial effect as one of Valiryo’s various features. You might have even read about silver ions contained in the air stream that prevent the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria. But what does all of that really mean? How, precisely, does this work and is it necessary for the proper functioning of the Valiryo Body Dryer? Let’s start with the latter: No, it is generally not necessary for the body dryer to utilize this kind of antibacterial measure, nor is there any kind of formal standard that requires it. We have simply decided to implement it in order to create an additional anti-germ effect for our customers. Valiryo has been designed in a way that residual water cannot stagnate on its surface but is instead deflected downwards, towards the ground. A resulting proliferation of bacteria is thereby prevented. Other potential sources - bacteria contained in the surrounding air or on people’s hands - are taken care of by the silver ions contained in the air stream. In fact, 80 % of present bacteria are eliminated within 15 minutes of the initial contamination, while the rest has disappeared after around two hours. How exactly does the antibacterial treatment work? The application of antibacterial measures is becoming increasingly common throughout many industries. What nearly all the products have in common is the utilization of silver ions that are contained either in the material itself or the air they are producing (as is the case with air conditioning systems, for example). The reason for this lies in the reliable effect against a large number of microbes such as bacteria and fungi. The ions enter the cells and eliminate their ability to grow and reproduce, thus preventing the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. By doing so, many different kinds of products can be protected against microbial attacks and the development of unpleasant odors. Incorporation of silver ions during Valiryo’s manufacture Silver ions are already added in the manufacturing stage of Valiryo, resulting in a fairly high concentration on the device’s surface that offers a lifelong antimicrobial protection. Specifically and unlike other chemical disinfectants, an additive (VIBATAN PS BACTERIOSTATIC 02687) is dispersed in polystyrene during production that remains inside the material permanently. It is important to emphasize that the amount of contained silver ions is completely harmless to us and by no means harmful to the environment. Funnily enough, the antibacterial properties of silver has been known for thousands of years: the Persians, Greeks and Romans used the precious metal to store and transport water and to preserve food. Silver cutlery was manufactured for the very same reasons. And thanks to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, silver even plaid a major role in wound healing.

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