..for elderly

Valiryo for elderly
Safe and effortless drying

Valiryo not only improves hygiene and safety where they are most needed, but also gives users more autonomy and privacy.


Remain independent while your personal care even in older age & enjoy your privacy.

with a rolling-walker in front of the Body Dryer

Valiryo installed directly in the shower, dries you completely, effectively and safely.

Old lady rejoices over newfound autonomy

You leave the wet area with dry feet and thus prevent falls due to slipping.

Wellbeing experience for elderly

Due to an effortless drying you avoid annoying bending and difficult movements.


Relaxing effect
It supports the removal of muscle tension and relaxes the body and mind.

Valiryo can be installed inside the shower cabine, as it is completely water-resistant (has an IP 56 degree of protection).

Hydrates and protects the skin from harmful germs and bacteria in towels.

Easy to install
It is easy to install and requires no maintenance.



Simple handling
Choose from 16 different combinations of air intensity and temperature - for an individual experience after each shower.