What is IP56 certification?

Let's talk about IP56. The Valiryo body dryer is a very safe and efficient product. On other occasions we have talked about the places where we advise you, as manufacturers, to install it. The most recommended is to install Valiryo in the shower. This raises one issue that must be taken into account: the body dryer must be waterproof. This is where the IP56 certificate comes in. A way of indicating the level of resistance and safety of different electronic, digital and industrial products in environments where they are exposed to water and the ingress of external objects. Depending on the water resistance of your product you will get a different level of IP certification. First you have to take the product to a specialised laboratory. For example, the Valiryo body dryer passed the IP rating tests in an independent laboratory.

What does each number on the certificate mean?

  Each IP certificate is accompanied by two digits. Each of them shows that it is tested for different elements. The first number shows the level of security against ingress of external objects. The second number shows the level of exposure to water and the degree of safety of the product. Both the water protection rating and the protection against ingress of external objects are indicated by a numerical scale. In the case of the first figure, we find levels from 1 to 6, with 1 being a product that can be penetrated by external objects, but not completely, and 6 meaning that the product is completely isolated from the entry and accumulation of external objects such as dust. The second figure can be measured on a scale of 1 to 9, with 1 being a product into which a small amount of water can enter, but no water should enter when dropped from 200 mm above the equipment for 10 minutes (at a rate of 3-5 mm³ per minute) and 9 indicating that the product can withstand water from pressurised jets at high temperatures. Valiryo has an IP56 certification, which means that it is a product with a high protection against external elements such as dust and can receive pressurised water jets without it entering and affecting the electronics of the product. The Valiryo body dryer is a waterproof product and very safe in wet environments. This allows it to be installed in the shower to facilitate the drying process of the user. If you would like more information please contact us at info@valiryo.de

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