Wet towel in your sports bag!

Valiryo is a body drying column that is installed inside the shower and allows you to come out of the shower completely dry without using any towels. A new element for any bathroom that also has special functionality in sectors such as spas, swimming pools, sports centres or gyms. The main advantage? You can forget about carrying a completely soaked towel in your sports bag. But this is not its only advantage: there are a host of advantages for both the businesses themselves and their customers that make incorporating Valiryo a great investment. The first of these is the reduction in the use of towels in the facilities where they offer this service to their customers. The washing and maintenance of towels involve a large use of electrical resources, water and the use of soaps and detergents. This has a significant environmental impact, which is greatly reduced with the implementation of Valiryo. It also means an increase in the hygiene and cleanliness of the facilities, which increases comfort and experience. With Valiryo you ensure that your customers will leave the water areas completely dry: the shower, the swimming pool or the spa. This eliminates the presence of water in the changing rooms, increasing safety by preventing possible slips. A better service and a commitment to innovation that can set you apart from your competitors and that also demonstrates your commitment to the comfort of your customers (because Valiryo also helps people with mobility difficulties to dry easily) and also to the sustainability of the planet, reducing your environmental footprint. Valiryo is a new, more relaxing body drying experience that continues the pleasurable feeling of showering without being interrupted by uncomfortable towel drying. A more natural and hygienic air-drying experience that is also good for your skin, leaving it softer and more hydrated. You can discover more advantages of body drying with Valiryo in this post. In short, a new experience for after your training session that also cuts that uncomfortable post-workout sweat.  As we quickly regulate body temperature. If you want to offer an added value to your clients through this healthier and more pleasant way of drying you can contact us at info@valiryo.de

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