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Valiryo has a wide range of applications in different sectors. In fact, in previous articles, we have already talked about some of them, such as the hotel industry. Valiryo Body Dryer is also a very useful element for people with limited mobility and certain skin diseases. One of these sectors is the one commonly known as "Wellness", which includes services such as spas and gyms. In fact, Valiryo brings great benefits to facilities of this type. The Spa concept has currently served as an ideal solution for those people who are looking for a moment of relaxation, as well as finding a balance of health on all physical, mental, psychic and spiritual levels. All this has taken on great importance after the situation created by the pandemic. Thus, the number of people who opt for this solution on their holidays has increased, choosing to live an experience that encompasses relaxation, rest and rejuvenation as the main needs to be satisfied. However, it should be noted that the spa sector is seeking to offer alternative solutions aimed at better satisfying the needs of the client. To this end, technological progress is essential, which allows the introduction of different innovative elements that provide a plus of exclusivity, as well as awakening in the client a desire to consume the service. One of these innovative elements is the emerging trend of air body drying. Valiryo not only brings benefits in terms of savings and sustainability. It is also a very
innovative element that allows you to offer your customers a totally innovative
that prolongs the feeling of relaxation after a spa session or a good
hot shower. In addition, avoiding the friction of the towel helps to maintain the
health of your clients' skin.

Tinning Center with Valiryo.[/caption] Below, we are going to show you some of these innovative elements and why
they are used. In this sense, although each Spa differs from the other, they all have the same objective: to introduce
an innovative and exclusive solution in the service provided.

  1. Lighting project: It includes blue LED spotlights, inserted in the curves of the walls covered with laminate
    printed with coloured ice images. In this way, it manages to create different light scenarios that modify the
    perception of the space, being coupled to the treatments that are performed.

  2. Salt Cabins: Halotherapy is a treatment that consists of breathing salt in order to improve the symptoms
    of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. 3. Elevating floors for swimming pools: This consists
    of the manufacture and realisation of movable floors for swimming pool projects and exceptional spaces,
    transforming an adjustable depth in just a few seconds. Swimming pools with height-adjustable floors
    allow us to modify the height of the sheet of water at our convenience, hide the pool if desired and, at
    the same time, act as a thermal insulator for the pool.

  3. Snow cabins: This is a room specially designed to regulate blood circulation after a sauna or steam session.

  4. Towel-free drying: Valiryo Body Dryer is an innovative element to be integrated into any Spa.
    It is an alternative solution to the use of towels, offering a pleasant drying experience after the shower.
    It incorporates advanced technology with the most innovative design in the market, providing
    high levels of quality, design and comfort to its customers.

Many businesses have already taken an interest in the advantages offered by Valiryo Body Dryer.
From swimming pools and gyms to tanning and skincare centres. In fact, a few weeks ago we already
shared the opinion shared by the owner of the tanning centre bronce.moss.
What are you waiting
for to offer the most innovative body drying technique to your clients?
We are sure you will be
delighted with the result. We encourage you to follow our social networks to find out the opinions of
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