Stop post-workout sweating

When we finish a training session, match, etc., our internal temperature is
higher than normal. If we take a shower immediately after the activity with
hot water, we are not helping our body to lose the accumulated internal heat,
but rather the opposite. That's why when we dry off, we sweat again.
Our body needs to eliminate this accumulated heat. If you are one of those
who prefer to take a cold shower to prevent this from happening, you will
have already noticed that sweating after a shower cannot be avoided. This
is because cold water produces vasoconstriction in the blood vessels
of the skin
, i.e. they close due to the effect of the cold and prevent heat from
escaping to regulate the internal temperature. When the body recovers its
temperature, it starts sweating again to eliminate the excess internal
temperature. To understand this better, let's illustrate it with the effects
of a fan on you on a hot summer's day. Phase changes require a lot
of energy. As the drop of sweat touches the skin, in the phase change,
the drop takes energy from the skin and it is possible to expel that heat.
When we take a shower and continue to sweat, it is because the body has
not been able to expel that heat. With Valiryo, the sweat is cut off because
when the whole body is filled with water from the shower and sweat, the
Valiryo air forces the phase change of the water to occur. This is due
to the convective heat transfer process. When there is no air, the process
is slow
, but when there is a breeze of air, the heat transfer process increases.

As we mentioned, when we are hot in summer, we go to the fans. The air in the
fan is the same as room temperature
, but because there is forced convection
heat transfer, the sweat evaporates and we perceive it as "cold". It is simply
that the sweat droplets are evaporating and our body provides heat to the water
phase change of the sweat and we perceive it as "cold".

So what is the solution to end post-workout
sweating and the unpleasant feeling it causes?

Avoiding showers right after exercise is one option, but not the ideal one, as this
way you are giving your body time to recover its normal resting temperature, and
you will end up with the feeling of never being able to dry yourself. Instead, you
can take that long-awaited shower after exercise and dry yourself with air, for
example, with the relaxing air expelled by Valiryo, which, by evaporating the
sweat, which is precisely one of the processes that regulate temperature,
puts an end to sweating.

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