Parkinson's disease

Valiryo Body Dryer is a product that not only offers you an innovative and pleasant drying experience but also provides greater autonomy for all those people who suffer from mobility problems and are very limited in their daily tasks such as showering or drying themselves. Although it may not seem like it, a simple activity such as drying oneself after taking a shower can be really complicated and pose a great risk for a person who is not able to move easily. This Monday, 11 April, marks International Parkinson's Day, a neurodegenerative disease that, although we are all familiar with it, we still don't know much about. This disease, depending on how it affects each person, results in a periodic loss of mobility. Valiryo can therefore be very beneficial for people suffering from this condition.
Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system that affects movement. Symptoms begin gradually and worsen over time, but today, with the right medication, quality of life can be improved. The symptoms of Parkinson's disease can be different for each person. The first signs may be mild and go unnoticed. In addition, they usually originate on one side of the body and progressively spread to the other side. Some of these symptoms are

  • Tremors
  • The slowness of movement (bradykinesia)
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Alteration of posture and balance
  • Loss of automatic movements
  • Speech changes
  • Changes in handwriting

Parkinson symptoms[/caption] If we analyse how Parkinson's affects a person, we realise that it has a very important influence on their psychomotor abilities, to the extent that it can severely limit their mobility. This can affect many aspects of life and even increase the risk of accidents. For this reason, people suffering from Parkinson's tend to gradually lose their autonomy to carry out everyday activities such as drying themselves comfortably. In these cases, Valiryo Body Dryer can be a great support for these people, as it saves you the need to make exaggerated and uncomfortable movements that you would have to make to dry yourself with a towel. In addition, many people with diseases of this type that affect the motor system need the assistance of a person to be able to dry themselves safely. With Valiryo you can now have that privacy.


To dryyourself with Valiryo, all you have to do is stand in front of the drying column and let the air expelled by
its 27 diffusers dry your skin in a pleasant and natural way. It also has a motion sensor that activates the dryer as
soon as you stand under it.
Valiryo can help to improve the lives of many people. Day by day we work on improving
the product to make life easier for many people who, either because of Parkinson's or other causes, have difficulties in
their mobility. We also encourage you to find out more about these types of diseases, because, although we see
them from a distant perspective, they can always end up affecting a person we care about. Trust Valiryo and make
your life easier with its innovative technology
. If you suffer or know someone with Parkinson's disease, give the
Valiryo Body Dryer a chance and turn your reality around. Don't forget that you can also write to us at

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