Just Fit - GYM-Chain - installs 30 body dryers

Great news: German gym chain Just Fit has chosen to install Valiryo as a new wellness feature for their members. A body dryer will be installed in the shower areas of both the men’s and women’s locker rooms in fifteen gyms all across the state. Besides economical savings, the well-known fitness brand is counting on considerable improvements in hygiene and safety and ultimately an enhanced customer experience.

Co-Founded in 2002 by Frank Böhme, Just Fit has quickly evolved into one of Germany's largest gym chains. The vision back then was as simple as it was brilliant: Provide the possibility to properly work out for everybody. Today, JustFit counts more than 60.000 members that exercise in 22 studios of different concepts and price ranges all across North Rhine-Westphalia.



Relaxing after the fitness training


Relaxing after an intense workout, thereby reducing stress and greatly increasing one’s overall well-being. Sounds good? Well, it is! Valiryo was purposely developed to serve a broad range of people, amongst others fitness enthusiasts that appreciate a pleasant and effortless drying experience after an exhausting training session.


Installed directly inside the shower area, Valiryo and its warm, skin-nourishing air stream provides a sensation of real relaxation. Muscle tension is reduced by promoting the muscular blood flow, while post-shower sweating is completely eliminated. At the same time, the frictionless way of drying protects the body from harmful germs typically nested inside used towels. Speaking of: Imagine the added value for your clients when finally being able to dispose of the nasty, wet towel in their sports bag.




Just Fit, based near Cologne, currently maintains 22 fitness centers.




Post-shower sweating - finally a thing of the past


We all know the problem too well: Taking a well-deserved shower after a long, exhausting workout – and immediately starting to sweat again. But what is the reason for that? And how does Valiryo prevent the so-called post-shower sweating?


Well, to start off, sweating is a natural mechanism of our body to eliminate heat. The water droplets on our wet skin use the energy of our body - in the form of heat - to achieve a phase change, that is, to evaporate. Now, when we shower and continue to sweat, this is because our body was not able to expel enough heat.


And that's exactly where Valiryo comes into play. Its air stream accelerates the process of heat transmission and thereby enforces the phase change of water to take place. In other words: It internally cools down the body without letting the user start to freeze - making Valiryo the perfect enhancement for every fitness center.




One of Valiryo's black matte body dryers, installed in the shower are of a Just Fit fitness center.

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